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CanoScan D646U Flatbed Scanner (used) SOLD
Bought the scanner in 2004. Seldom use and still in very good condition. Comes with original USB cable, adaptor, manual and installation CD. To be self-collected at owner's place (Bukit Merah). If wants to collect at Raffles Place, a $50 deposit is required thru bank transfer.

Scanner Features :

  • Max Supported Media Size: 216 x 297 mm

  • Width: 25.7 cm, Depth: 43.1 cm, Height: 6.1 cm, Weight: 2 kg

  • Compatibility: PC, Mac

  • Input Type: Colour

  • Grayscale Depth: 14-bit grey

  • Colour Depth: 42-bit colour

  • Optical Resolution: 600 dpi x 1200 dpi

  • Interpolated Resolution: 9600 dpi x 9600 dpi

  • Reference Website: Scanner

    Asking Price : S$50

    Cars Puzzle (new) SOLD
    96 pcs (8 x 12)

    Asking Price : S$1

    NUS "Executive MBA" Mug (new) SOLD
    Brand new unused. Dark Blue color.

    Asking Price : S$2

    NUS 100 Years Anniversary Cup (new) SOLD
    Brand new unused.

    Asking Price : S$2

    $2 & $1 Postage Stamps SOLD
    $2 x 17 pcs and $1 x 17 pcs. Total value at S$51.00

    Asking Price : S$40

    Aztech DSL Turbo 100 Modem (used) SOLD
    Comes with USB cable, Tel Line, Drivers CD

    Asking Price : S$8

    A'ZONE RINGFIX Notebook A4 (new) SOLD

  • Black color

  • 31 Lines

  • Asking Price : S$4

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    terms & conditions
    #1 items are in good working conditions unless stated

    #2 cash on delivery

    #3 items to be collected at raffles place except bulky items stated

    #4 bulky items to be self collected at owner's house

    #5 if to collect bulky items at raffles place, a $50 deposit is required thru bank transfer

    #6 items can be reserved for not more than 3 days

    #7 owner reserve the right not to sell the items if the selling price not met

    #8 items sold are non-returnable/exchangable

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